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A NEW TOILET IS BORN: HYGEA Electronic toilet seat and bowl matt white satin glaze with remote control, IW-H20LMW

Electronic toilet seat and bowl matt
white with satin glaze

Hygea the smart toilet evolution - a new toilet is born.
Innovative modular system, the electronic element can be easily detached from the rest of the unit.
In Greek as well as Roman mythology, Hygea was the goddess/personification of health, cleanliness and sanitation. She was associated with the prevention of sickness and the continuation of good health. Her name is the source of the word "hygiene".
Hygea is a new concept of smart toilet... its natural evolution. The electronic bidet module, that can be installed or replaced very easily like a cartridge, is inserted into the toilet bowl from above and is completely disconnected from its casing and from the seat.
This hygienic and innovative modular system can be easily updated with new electronic bidet models we will develop in the future, without necessarily having to replace the seat as well as the toilet. This is our vision of the future of smart toilets.
We have developed a new system consisting of five elements: the toilet bowl, the fixing plate, the electronic bidet, the casing that contains it and the seat. 26 months of work, 7 teams, 54 people involved in the creation of what we believe is the most functional and hygienic of smart toilets on the market. A simple product, revolutionary and particularly attentive to the environmental impact.
The electronic bidet is Hygea’s beating heart. Made with the best South Korean technology, it has been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.
The functions have been carefully selected and optimized in order to provide the best possible experience. A stainless-steel nozzle provides intimate hygiene, while drying is performed by a high efficiency device. The self-draining and anti-lime buildup functions ensure greater hygiene and reliability.
Hygea is made of Vitreous China, a material with a reduced environmental impact and has been conceived while paying particular attention to water saving: its flushing system uses only 3.5 liters of water. The plaster molds that shape the toilet bowl are made by hand. Higherglaze enamel guarantees a perfectly smooth and easy to clean surface.
Superior quality for Hygea. Its surface is perfectly smooth and does not allow dirt and scale to settle. This guarantees lasting shine, pleasant touch, high protection against scratches, abrasions and external agents.
The extreme ease of cleaning also allows a lower consumption of water and detergents in respect of the environment.
The innovative ZEROBACT® glaze is a total barrier against germs and bacteria. Integrated into the glaze and fired with the sanitary, it grants a lasting and limitless protection over time. This glaze has a certified effectiveness equal to 99,9%. Iso 22196:2011 Certification. ZEROBACT® glaze is supplied upon request.
Who ever said that a smart toilet has to be white or only one color? Our modular system allows to customize Hygea according to our customers’ tastes and needs. The 4 elements that make up the aesthetics are available in white, grey, sand and black with satin glaze that is very pleasant to the touch. Any kind of mixed color customization is possible.

Following picture show the model in bright white: 


There are many advantages:
HYGEA is delicate and hygienic. Personal hygiene for young children, the elderly, for people with disabilities or generally less mobile is made simpler and easier.
If used regularly, HYGEA can help to relieve inflammatory conditions typically found in women, such as cystitis and yeast infections, as well as those due to haemorrhoids. The beneficial SPA jet provides adequate stimulus to increase blood circulation, while the warm air used for drying reduces the need for toilet paper, thereby minimizing its irritating effect on the skin.
HYGEA is ecological: in fact it helps to reduce the consumption of toilet paper by 80-90% and cuts back considerably on water consumption.

Curiosity Environment
From a study carried out by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) it has been shown that every day, in the world, 270,000 trees end up in the toilet or in the wastepaper basket. In fact the principle raw material for paper production is also one of the most important components of the wood found in trees: cellulose.
Trees help to maintain the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at a stable level (by photosynthesis). Data from the World Resource Institute, show that deforestation is responsible for the emission of at least 7 billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year (1/5 of the total), thereby having a direct influence on phenomena such as the greenhouse effect and global warming.
Very often the natural forests are replaced by plantations, trees that are all the same, the same age and the same species, with no undergrowth and which, in order to be able to grow rapidly, require fertilisers and pesticides, the result being predictable and significant damage to the environment, in particular to the soil.
In paper mills, chlorine based chemicals are very often used to bleach the wood pulp. These generate harmful compounds (dioxin) which end up in the waste water in high percentages thereby provoking serious harm to the aquatic flora and fauna.

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A NEW TOILET IS BORN: HYGEA Electronic toilet seat and bowl matt white satin glaze with remote control, IW-H20LMW
A NEW TOILET IS BORN: HYGEA Electronic toilet seat and bowl matt white satin glaze with remote control, IW-H20LMW

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