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Siphon trap shiny gold with ormanent decoration,
AN: A740114YG82

Siphon trap

Produced with solid metal

Exclusive surface shiny gold and ornament decoration.
24-Karat coating with transparent protective layer
The FANTASY decorative theme is a soft pattern  with  Oriental  derivation  which  combines, by contrast, with the strength of the series.The  decoration  process  is  handcrafted  and  carried  out  within  our  plants  on  Italian and European Daniel Rubinetterie patent.  Each  decorated  piece  is  unique  since it is the outcome of an artisan work and, for this reason, even more valuable.



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Siphon trap shiny gold with ormanent decoration,<br>AN: A740114YG82
Siphon trap shiny gold with ormanent decoration,
AN: A740114YG82

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