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Sink mixer chrome with TOUCH-ME PRO technology,

Kitchen mixer 
with TOUCH-ME PRO technology
Double-lever mixer with movable spout



New points of contact..
A patented technology enables the activation and deactivation of the system by simply touching of the mixer.
A  soft  contact  with  the  back  of  the  hand,  the  forearm,  the  elbow  or  any  part  is more comfortable and functional
at the moment, makes it possible to use the tap, opening and closing the water to your liking.
Every  day  we  have  wet  hands,  oily,  with  remnants  of  dough  from  cooking  or 
gardening or dishwashing soap or many other examples. In various situations we must necessarily touch the handle of a normal mixer to rinse our hands and doing that, the tap gets dirty and we immediately must clean
and polish it for hygiene reasons.
Remer Rubinetterie decided to give this new comfort to the kitchen, where faucets are frequently used and in which it is essential to reduce the presence of germs
and bacteria.For this reason, Remer has integrated the TOUCH-ME technology on high-range sink mixers, completing the elegance of design and the quality of the product with
this important additional feature.
Activation and deactivation of the system occurs with a simple touch.
The contact with the mixer must occur through a direct touch skin-mixer or through a conductive object held by a person.
The water supply stops automatically after a while, further limiting the contact with the mixer and thus increasing the usage safety.
This function allows a considerable water saving and place the product in a GREEN range.
Opened tap status does not change if the touch is not fast but stable.
On double-handle models, this feature allows to not interfere with the "open" status of the mixer and
thus conveniently managing the quantity of water and the temperature settings and, at same way, to pleasantly use
the extractable handshower in the single lever mixer model and to turn the movable spout in every model.
The proportional study of the high-spout models lets you to easily manage the filling of pots and the washing of bulky tools.

•  TOUCH-ME  mixers  installation  is  simple  and  does  NOT  require  electrical connections nor the technical intervention of an electrician.
• TOUCH-ME control unit has to be located under the skin, it is compact and space-saving (cylindrical, about 9 cm x 4 cm).
• There is no need of any added space below the sink and the Touch-Me System doesn’t interphere with the standard wastes not bins for normal or differenciated rubbish.
•  TOUCH-ME function is easy-to-use, practical and intuitive. Water and energy saving is promoted thanks to the speed of execution of opening/closing commands
   and thanks to the self-closing factory setting after about 45 seconds of inactivity.
• A strong water-energy saving is also given by the fact that the lever is used only in case of real need to change temperature and flow while all the opening and closing is done
   by Touch. This implies that there is never a waste of water as generally happens when the user opens the water with very high flow and then adjusts it on the real need, and
   also the use of hot water is requested only in case of real need.
• The TOUCH ME-PRO system, supplied with “Elegance” models, allows the user to perform various customizations of use including the setting of personalized self-
  closing time, the activation of the “Move” function, the disconnection of self-closing time, the use of ‘shortcut’ and Holiday option.
• All the faucet models with TOUCH-ME integrated technology can also run as a normal mixer any desidered time, simply unableing the TOUCH-ME feature.
• TOUCH-ME system is powered by 4 AA Lithium batteries 1.5V (included) preserving from any difficult both during installation and in the case of electric power failure.
• Depletion of batteries is communicated via a slight delay when opening the water during which the TOUCH-ME control unit flashes 3 times.
•  Before the “low  battery” block, the TOUCH-ME function is AUTOMATICALLY deactivated, this procedure switches the valves to the open position and allows the
traditional use of the mixer until the battery replacement. N.B. TOUCH-ME faucets works with Lithium batteries, which are easily recoverable all
over the world and much less subject to natural deterioration than alkaline batteries. The battery life is dependent on the initial charge of the batteries, on the frequency
of use and on the environment temperature or its variations. Laboratory tests, carried out at stable temperature of 25° C on TOUCH-ME double
valves mixer model, measure 700.000 single continuous activations.
The TOUCH system includes:
• Two latching solenoid valves.
• Connection to faucet for TOUCH sensor.
• One electronic included in a box together with the 4 batteries.
Mixer equipped with:
•  non-conductive flexible hoses
•  “Touch-me” fixing kit
•  2 angle valves with filter
•  User manual

Discover the models with integrated Touch-Me and Touch-Me Color technology


Batteriegesetz (BattG)
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Pb: Batterie enthält Blei
Cd: Batterie enthält Cadmium
Hg: Batterie enthält Quecksilber 

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Sink mixer chrome with TOUCH-ME PRO technology,<br>AN: BKT74
Sink mixer chrome with TOUCH-ME PRO technology,

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