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Te-sa pre- assembled distribution manifolds are designed for the distribution and regulation of heat transfer fluid in heating and conditioning systems. Available in various configurations, they are ideally suited to traditional radiator heating systems, radiant panel heating systems, and, in the version complete with heat preformed hotmoulded insulation, for conditioning systems. The particular design of the manifold features a regular cross-section extruded bar with reduced pressure drops that assures lower energconsumption and minimises boiler circulator pump force.
All Te-sa pre-assembled manifolds are supplied complete with a delivery manifold, return manifold, wall mounting brackets, ball interception valves and end plugs. According to design type they also feature flow regulators, micrometric lockshields, differential by-pass and insulation.
Available in 1 and 1. inch versions.
Technical specifications:
Materials: Brass components: Brass UNI EN 12165 CW617N
Surface finish: Chrome-plated Seals: EPDM
Knobs and caps: ABS
Flow regulators Brass, heat-resistant plastic, and stainless steel
Measurement range: 0.5-6 l/min
Measuring accuracy: +/-10%
Temperature range: 0-70° C
Fluid: Water, glycolated solutions Max. glycol percentage: 30%
Max. operating pressure: 6 bar
Material: closed-cell expanded PEX
Temperature range: 0-100° C
Reaction to fire (DIN4102): Class B2
Main connections: 1” F / 1 1/4” M
Manifold centre distance: 206 mm
Branch connections: 3/4” M - Eurocone
Branch connection centre distance: 50 mm
Number of branch connections: 1 - 12
Art. 220BMW-.. Pre-assembled manifolds for heating systems
Art. 220/2I-.. Pre-assembled manifolds with micrometric adjustment insert valves and interception valves
Art. 220/2IB-J-.. Pre-assembled manifolds with micrometric adjustment insert valves, interception valves and by- pass
Art. C220/2IB-J-.. Pre-assembled manifolds with micrometric adjustment insert valves, interception valves, by-pass and preformed hot-moulded insulation
Art. 220TT2I- ... Pre-assembled manifolds with flow regulators and interception valves
Art. 220TT2IB-J-. Pre-assembled manifolds with flow regulators, interception valves and by-pass
Art. C220TT2IB-J-... Pre- assembled manifolds with flow regulators, interception valves, by-pass and preformed hot-moulded insulation
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